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Ramadan Guide Kit

Ramadan Guide Kit

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Ramadan Guide Kit, the perfect companion to help you navigate through the holy month of Ramadan. This kit contains all the essential tools you need to enhance your spiritual journey and make the most out of this blessed time of the year.


  • Ramadan Guide
  • Ramadan Calendar + quranic affirmation flip up
  • Fortress of Muslim Booklet
  • Islamic Bookmarks (5)
  • Pen

The Ramadan Guide Kit features a comprehensive Ramadan guide that is divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to providing you with knowledge about Islam, including the basics of Islamic beliefs, the importance of Ramadan, and the significance of fasting. The second section includes a daily journal to keep track of your fasts, reflect on your spiritual progress, and set personal goals for the month.

Along with the Ramadan guide, this kit also includes a set of Islamic bookmarks to help you keep track of important verses from the Quran or Hadiths, a beautiful Ramadan calendar to keep track of important dates and events, and a Fortress of Muslim booklet with daily prayers and supplications to help you stay connected with your faith.

To complete this kit, we've included a pen that writes smoothly and comfortably, making it easy to record your thoughts, reflections, and daily goals.

With the Ramadan Guide Kit, you'll have everything you need to stay focused, motivated, and connected to your faith during this blessed month. This kit makes an excellent gift for yourself, your family, or your friends, and is sure to be a valuable resource for many Ramadan's to come.

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